Growing up Daycare Ladera Ranch Girl

Growing Up Daycare provides care for infants to preschool-aged children. We cater to this demographic so that children learn and grow amongst their peers. Our typical day is dictated by the child’s schedule.  The curriculum for our daycare is specific to this growing group and it centers on a child’s need to be stimulated in 6 key areas.


Health: Activities that promote healthy living and proper nutrition. (cleanliness, healthy food choices)


Body: Activities that help your baby grow strong and healthy. (tummy time, stretches, baby massage)


Mind: Games and Activities that help stimulate imagination, ideas and your baby’s critical thinking process. (Reading, drawing, counting)


Safety: Activities that will promote good behavior and safety. (sharing, hands to self, awareness)


Relationship: Activities that encourage a positive self-image and social behaviors. (Mirror time, family reinforcement)


Language: Activities that help stimulate speech and communication through images, sounds, and words. (conversations, singing, animal sounds)